Green Ethics

Our concern and love for the environment has guided every decision made at the River Dance Lodge from construction of our cabins to our daily operations.

First, we built with logs that were harvested as dead-standing lodgepole pine. We built the highest quality construction because we are confident that these buildings will still be strong in 100 years and will never go out of fashion. (Contrast that to cheaply built motels/hotels that have a certain 30-50 year life span.) We built the cabins to be comfortable, but not large so heating requirements are minimal. We did not install air conditioning, but do provide fans and if people keep the doors closed on hot days the cabins stay cool. We don't have phones or TV's in the cabins, which means less electricity usage but also encourages people to connect with each other, spend time outdoors, and simply relax in nature.

Some of the other things we do include:

  • we have on-demand propane water heaters rather than hot water tanks. Energy is used only when people are using hot water.
  • we have our own septic system
  • we have our own well and there are no chemicals added to the water
  • we use all compact flourescent light bulbs
  • we recycle and have recycling bins set up in each cabin
  • we have landscaped with native plants
  • we offer daily maid service but unless requested change sheets only every three days if people are staying longer than that
  • we encourage guests to re-use towels
  • we use all "green" cleaning products