Syringa Cafe - Riverside Dining


In 2021 our café will not be open to the general public.  Only those who have reserved an “all-inclusive package” will be served food from our kitchen.  We apologize for any inconvenience this causes.  

We have upgraded the cooking facilities in each cabin so that guests can more easily prepare food on their own.  As well, we will have a limited stock of cooking items for sale in the café building for your convenience.  This will include things like salt, pepper, cooking oil, butter, milk, eggs, etc. The nearest grocery store is 15 miles away and while we do have a few limited items in our store as noted above, it’s best to bring the meal ingredients you need with you.  For those reserving a cabin or glamping tent, we offer this helpful cabin rental packing list with food suggestions to help you plan for your stay. 

All-Inclusive Package Guests: 

For our lodge guests who are with us on an all-inclusive package, we provide all meals.  

  • Breakfast - Breakfast is served either as a breakfast basket delivered to your cabin (when we don't have many guests) or as a cold breakfast buffet service in the Syringa Cafe /Lodge building.  
  • Lunch - Lunch is served during any full-day activities you reserve with us, such as rafting, floating, hiking, biking or fishing trips.  If you are not doing an activity with us, we will prepare you a sandwich lunch that you can take with you and enjoy at your leisure.  
  • Dinner - In the evening we have a non-hosted Happy Hour in the Syringa Cafe from 6:15 to 7:00 followed by dinner service at 7:00. Dinners range from main entrees such as wild salmon, chicken, steak and lasagna, and each meal is planned so the vegetarians have plenty to eat.  For additional details, please see our sample all-inclusive package dinner menu. 

Lunch on Guided Activities:  

As mentioned above, when you go on one of our guided activities, a picnic lunch served during the activity is included. Our guided activities are a great way to enhance your stay at River Dance Lodge, we offer a wide selection including rafting, kayaking, hiking, mountain biking, fly fishing and more! 

End-of-Day Photos and Beer during Lochsa Season

On weekends, and/or on larger trips during the Lochsa rafting season of May and June, those rafting with us return to the Lodge sometime between 4:00 and 5:00 p.m. For the next hour or so, we show photos from the day’s rafting excitement in the lodge dining area. Beer, wine, other beverages, and light appetizers are available for sale during this time.

Sample of All-Inclusive Package Menu: