Employment at River Dance Lodge

Working in Idaho's Remote "Three Rivers" region: where the mighty Lochsa and Selway meet to make the famous Clearwater

If you're looking for a Lodge or Resort job deep in the heart of Idaho, along the banks of the Clearwater River, then take a look at the River Dance Lodge. As Idaho's premier outdoor adventure resort, River Dance Lodge offers hand-crafted log cabins with private hot tubs. If we were located in Costa Rica, you would call us an "Eco-Resort." However, here we call ourselves an adventure resort. We operate in the same manner as a guest ranch, but without having any horses. If you're looking for a fun place to work with great opportunities for exploring some of the best wilderness in the lower 48 states, River Dance Lodge is a great opportunity. 

River Dance Lodge offer great benefits. Besides doing what you love in some of the most remote places in Idaho, we offer the following with all jobs: competitive pay, housing or camping at all outposts, free trips, training opportunities in many different areas, 401K plan, flexible spending account (medical savings account) and numerous leadership opportunities.

We are open from mid-April until mid-October and during this time have a manager, cook, and several activities guides who guide trips as well as do other work as needed such as house keeping, grounds keeping, kitchen and dining help, etc. Whitewater rafting trips are also conducted from the lodge, run by our sister company ROW Adventures. During the whitewater season there is a separate guide staff for those trips.

Our team is our most valuable asset, and our motto and goal is to "Set the high watermark for outdoor adventure." Our success is the direct result of our outstanding, quality-driven Team Members who enjoy working and playing together. We are a family-run business, live the outdoor life style and do not tolerate the use of drugs. We prefer people that do not use tobacco in any form.

We encourage employees to smile easily, give abundantly and anticipate the needs of our guests. When applying for a position with us, know that we demand a lot from our staff. We provide a level of service that is well above the standard in the rafting, adventure travel and outdoor resort arena. We love rivers, travel, adventure, and most importantly - we love people.

We treat our guests with respect, and their requests with a "can-do" attitude. If you are a friendly, self-starting, energetic, creative and hard-working person with a love for people and life, and are interested in a long-term relationship with ROW, we want to hear from you.

Our Team represents a wide range of ages, personalities and interests that share the common goal of providing a high quality experience. We want each guest to have a fun, memorable trip.

River Dance Lodge works hard to create a healthy, supportive environment where everyone on our team is treated with respect. We enjoy a high return rate among our staff, yet still hire a few people each year.

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River Dance Lodge offers competitive compensation and benefits. We look for people seeking to set the high watermark in their personal and professional lives. Please follow the links below to review a summary job description and online application. Positions for which we hire include: