About ROW Adventures

Betsy Bowen and Peter Grubb, owners of River Dance Lodge also own ROW Adventures, the guide service that carefully orchestrates and leads all the activities offered from the outdoor adventure resort. This is one of the very unique aspects of our service, because it means that all the details of your vacation are handled by the same team of people sharing the same goal – to make your time with us an unforgettable experience. Since we’ve been doing this for over 40 years you can rest assured that you’re in good hands.

Our reputation is for running the highest quality, highest personal service trips in the business. We offer whitewater rafting, canoeing, fly fishing and raft-supported hiking adventures in Idaho, Oregon and Montana. We are proud to say that we run more Idaho rivers than any other outfitter. We offer a wide choice in river trips, from family rafting trips on the Salmon River Canyons to 3-6 day trips on the mighty Snake in Hells Canyon and 6-day vacations on the legendary Middle Fork of the Salmon. For adrenaline junkies, we run the thunderous Lochsa in Idaho. And in May and early June, we offer spectacular white water rafting trips on the crown jewels of desert rivers, the Owyhee River and Bruneau River.

Beyond Idaho and The USA, the ROW Family of Companies (ROW AdventuresSea Kayak AdventuresAdventure Unbound, and Cuba Unbound) also offers spectacular whitewater rafting trips on the Futaleufu River in Chile, December through March.  Beyond whitewater rafting, we offer a number of adventures around the world.  Our year-round, 10-day Signature Galapagos Unbound Multi-Sport trip with exclusive beach kayaking is not to be missed and is easily paired with a journey to Machu Picchu and Beyond.  In Baja, paddling the azure waters of the Sea of Cortez, whether in La Paz or Loreto is a life-changing experience.  Baja's Pacific Coast offers front row whale watching at our exclusive Magdalena Bay Whale Camp.  If you want a more relaxing experience, maybe our Taste of Croatia or Turkey Small Yacht cruises are more your style. Active adventurers should check out our off the beaten path explorations in Cuba, from Kayaking to Biking to National Parks.  

Our values reflect a commitment to environmental and socially responsible business practices that goes back to our roots. We love what we do and are very thankful to all those who have trusted their adventure dreams to us. In our relentless pursuit of quality, we've listened, we've learned, and the result is that we've earned one of the highest rates of repeat guests in the business. A big part of the reason for this is our adventure guides. They are friendly, seasoned professionals with an average of 8+ years of experience who work hard to meet your expectations. Few other companies place such a strong emphasis on natural and cultural history interpretation. Our guides are specifically trained to help you gain an understanding and appreciation of the places we share with you. Knowledgeable, caring staff, superb equipment and the wisdom gained from years of experience are all important ingredients as we continue our quest in "setting the high watermark for outdoor adventure."

We invite you to join us and share the warmth of our campfire and our hospitality.