Maintenance Position


Summary of Position:

Responsible for the overall maintenance and grounds keeping of the River Dance Lodge and two adjoining leased properties to the east and west.  Maintenance items needing frequent attention include irrigation, hot tubs, bee and wasp reduction, minor plumbing, etc.  Grounds keeping responsibilities include maintenance of improvement of the grounds of the property using hand or power tools or equipment. Shall perform a variety of tasks, which may include any combination of the following: mowing, trimming, planting, weeding, watering, fertilizing, digging, raking, sprinkler installation, drip system maintenance, and other duties as required. Also provides superlative service to River Dance Lodge guests and co­workers in performing all duties.

Groundskeeper ­ Duties & Responsibilities:

  •  Follows detailed worksheet for routine grounds keeping duties.
  •  Waters all plants, flowers and grass on property by hand, sprinkler or other methods as needed.
  •  Mows and trims all lawn areas.
  •  Pulls weeds by hand or uses “weed whacker” as appropriate 
  • Planting, fertilizing and other gardening jobs as needed.
  •  Maintains and operates drip watering system.
  •  Responsible for cleaning and maintenance of all outside areas near café, cabin and campground including grounds keeping and garbage maintenance.
  • Keeps all related equipment clean, maintained and stored properly.
  •  Keeps equipment storage room neat, clean and organized.
  • Completes inventory of supplies and informs manager when additional supplies are needed.
  • Keeps the entire property free of litter, cigarette butts and other trash.
  • Shall perform routine “rounds” of the grounds in the evening enforcing noise and other curfews and fulfilling any guest needs.  (Generally only an issue in May/June during Lochsa season.)
  • Shall perform other duties as needed.

General Maintenance – Duties & Responsibilities

  • Maintains hot tubs including minor repairs, filter cleaning, daily chemical maintenance etc.
  •  Fixes broken items within scope of ability and knows their limitations.
  •  Is the “go to” person for all maintenance issues. – know your resources for  repairs.
  • Completes inventory of supplies and informs manager when additional supplies are needed.
  •  Equipment maintenance, lawn mowers, batteries, vehicles, etc.
  •  Maintain Glamping Tents: monitor for rips, tears, leaks, and other wear & tear. Repair as needed
  • Maintain Composting Toilets


  •   A minimum of 6 months of groundskeeping / gardening experience.
  •  Must be able to communicate clearly with managers and other personnel.
  •  Be able to reach, bend, stoop and frequently lift up to 40 pounds.
  •  Be able to work in a standing position for long periods of time (up to 8 hours).


As a roadside resort we serve three distinct groups of clients.  One is our cabin guests, another are tourists passing through the area and the third are local people who live in the area.  Because of our remote location flexibility is required.  We may ask you to work a split shift, meaning working in the morning and then returning to work later in the day.  We sometimes have guests arrive late and need to be available to accommodate them.  A high level of guest service is expected and only those people willing to provide this should apply for this job.  A strong teamwork ethic is also required and all coworkers should also be considered as guests.  Adherence to all employee policies is required. If staying at the employee accommodations provided by River Dance Lodge adherence to all applicable rules is required.

Performance Standards:
Employees are evaluated on their thoroughness in performing duties, attitude, punctuality, dependability, ability to operate as a team player, initiative, mature judgment, relationships with co-workers, management and guests, flexibility and willingness to learn.

Reporting Relationship: Reports to the Lodge Manager and Owner. 

Schedule: This is a full time salaried position starting early May and lasting until early October or as negotiated on the Job Agreement.  Special occasion days off and special needs must be negotiated prior to signing a job agreement in order to be guaranteed. We attempt to give two days off each week, but they will likely not be consecutive days and some weeks there will only be one day off during the peak season. Vacation days are not available from mid-June to latter August.

Physical Requirements- Able to lift 70 lbs or so

How to Apply:

Online Application

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