Horseback Riding

We partner with Lochsa River Outfitters to offer half-day and full-day Idaho horseback riding in the surrounding Selway-Bitterroot Mountains. Whether you’re an experienced or a novice rider, you can saddle up and ride through the spectacular views of Idaho's rugged mountain landscape. Along the way there is plenty to learn. Your guide can tell you about the role of forest fires in this area, Lewis and Clark’s adventures, the local plants and animals, and much more.

The Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness is 1.3 million acres of protected land in North Central Idaho. The wilderness is loaded with rivers and trails, and horseback riding offers a great opportunity to see some of this vast backcountry. We are happy to direct you to Lochsa River Outfitters, where you may arrange a half or full-day horseback riding trip as an addition to your vacation package. Please note trail rides are an additional cost not included in our package prices.

1) Stanley Hot Springs -A spectacular horseback ride through thick cedar forests from Wilderness Gateway to Stanley Hot Springs. Distance is about six miles each way and the ride is around two hours each way. On arrival at the hot springs we enjoy lunch, then there's time to soak in the undeveloped pools of hot water. On our return from the horse ride, if time allows, we also stop and visit the historical ranger station at Fish Creek. This old ranger station, which is also known as the Lochsa Ranger Station, has been completely restored to represent the original station built in the 1920s. Before Highway 12 was built in the 1950s, the Lochsa Ranger Station was accessible only by a rugged pack trail. There are many interpretive exhibits which make this a very worthwhile stop.
Suitable for all experience levels.

2) The River Trail - Starting near Fish Creek this ride takes you on a trail that parallels the Lochsa River and is high above the highway. You’ll experience the ruggedness of this pristine area as your steady horse traverses the rocky landscape. Take a trip back in time on this trail as you trace the same route used by the Nez Perce, Flatheads, Lewis and Clark , and the early trappers and homesteaders. You’ll see views of the galloping Lochsa which is renowned for its continuous, churning whitewater.
Best for intermediate or experienced riders.

3) Ride and Fish the Selway – This horseback riding trip starts about an hour from the River Dance Lodge at the end of the road by Selway Falls. We’ll start by taking in the beauty and power of the falls. A class VI rapid - these falls are tremendous during spring runoff. At times in May and June when the water is high, salmon can be seen jumping up the dramatic cascading falls on their journey to their spawning beds. Just past the falls, we mount up on horseback and head along the Selway River Trail. Your guide will not only point out historical sites, wildlife and flora but will also be on the lookout for a great place to dismount and cast a line. The Selway is a national treasure protected by the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act. Crystal clear waters, lush greenery, and a healthy trout population combine to make this trip an angler’s dream and experience of a lifetime.
Suitable for All skill levels.

4) Pete King Creek - This half day horseback riding trip goes along Pete King creek. You’ll travel among green forests full of wildlife, history and adventure. At certain times of year there will be meadows of wildflowers. Birds such as woodpeckers, nuthatches, thrushes and others will catch your eye. Learn about wildfire ecology and forest management from your guide. Dismount and wade in the cold, clear creek as you hear tales of the land’s past inhabitants and enjoy the calm and serenity of the wilderness.
Suitable for all skill levels.

Packages that Can Include Horseback Riding

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